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Accounting, Tax Preparation, and CPA Services

What makes EHC Accounting different? While others may simply count beans, we like to think we’re the farmers – we’re just as interested in the number of beans, but we are more involved in the growing process.

“We make your financial goals ours” isn’t just a catchy tagline, it’s the reason we’re in business. Our clients trust us and depend on us to help them make sound financial decisions that will put them on a path to achieving their goals.

CPAs, Gina C. James and Mary J. Hayslett formed EHC Accounting, LLC in 2007. The firm offers a diverse range of accounting services to meet the financial needs of small businesses, multi-family property owners, and residential home associations, with a results-oriented, hands-on approach. We identify our clients’ goals, establish a sound financial strategy and follow through to help our clients achieve the success they know is possible.

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